Finish Your First 5K

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Equipment Needed




T-shirt/Sports bra

Wristwatch with start/stop timer & splits

Reflective gear

Identification with name, allergies, and emergency contact information


Exercise or yoga mat

Pair of dumbbells (ideally 10 or 20lbs)

8" step or platform

Medium to heavy resistance tubing or monster band (click here for details)

Dowel rod or equivalent

What this Program Will Do for You

Help you complete your first non-stop 5k

Provide you with a structured running schedule

Help you get faster than you've ever been

Get you stronger with specific accessory work

Safely progress your volume

Avoid running related injuries

How the Training is Structured

5 days per week

Integrated running, drills, and strength work

12 weeks total

Progressively more challenging over the 12 weeks

~60 minutes per session

Can be done almost anywhere

Who Should Use this Program

If you want a structured plan to improve your shoulder mobility

If you have shoulder tightness or range of motion issues you want to improve but aren’t sure where to start

If you want more than just stretches and foam rolling

If you own a gym and want to add in extra shoulder work for your class, you can directly use the programming


Is this program the right level for me?

The Finish program is designed for athletes who have yet to complete their first 5k and are looking to do so safely, avoiding injury.

Tell me more about the training

Each week consists of two strength training days and three running days.

Training sessions typically can be completed in under 60 minutes.

The strength training consists of the movements in the following patterns:








What Equipment do I need?

A membership at a standard gym should have you covered.

We recommend the following equipment for the strength training component:

Exercise or yoga mat

Pair of dumbbells - ideally 10 or 20lbs

8” Stepper or platform

Medium to heavy resistance tubing or monster band

Dowel rod or equivalent

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Finish Your First 5K

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